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Box with Lid
Multipurpose Box with Lid

About Craft

A rich yellowish variety of reed grass, locally known as ‘Kaincha’ is called Golden Grass due to its golden luster and the smooth, shiny texture on drying. It is a wild grass found in many riverside villages of Kendrapada districts of Odisha. Found in marshy areas, this grows to a height between five to seven feet, which appears after the monsoon, is used for weaving. Collecting raw material remains the responsibility of women. Often they wade through water to collect sufficient golden grass for craft making. After collection, the leaf sheath and flowering stalks are removed, and the dainty stems are slit into strips and dried in the sun for five to six days continuously. Upon drying, they get a golden glow. Grass strips are neatly coiled to make the base, and then slowly the design takes form.

The origin of this craft, as it is in the case of other arts and crafts, is centuries old. Since generations, golden grass items like box, bowls, fans and mats have been used as utility items in many parts of the state. Mostly women prepare these high-quality craft items. This traditional craft has been handed down from generation to generation.