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Returns and Exchange

I assure you that all the products sold on this site are new and 100% genuine. If you have received an item in a 'Damaged' or 'Defective' condition, or it is 'Not as Described’, you may request a replacement at no extra cost.
• There will be no cancellation once the product has been purchased. As a beginner I can’t deal with it now. Hope you understand it.
• Products can be exchanged with equivalent products.
• Product can be exchanged only if the customer informs us within 24 hours after receiving the product and if the product is damaged.
• I can’t bear the cost of courier sent to me for exchange purposes too. Please bear this one too.
• I will keep the communication through email. Thus all queries will be answered via email only.

About Mitra Craft

Mitra Craft brings you a world of unique, traditional, indigenous and handmade treasures from the interiors of "Odisha: The Heritage Land".
It's not just a product you are buying here. Along with the product you are bringing "Love of our craftsman" who made it, "Blessing of Craftsman's Family" who are going to get benefitted of it and all the "Positive Vibes of Mitra" to your home.
Mitra Craft aims to strengthen the unique cultural heritage of our tribal, rural and women artisans.

"Buy with LOVE to make them LIVE."

"Each craft you buy helps us to adopt a craftsman family, thus helping in preserving and reviving a traditional craft. All the profit from this will be utilized for the betterment of Craftsman."