About Craft

Pattachitra is a traditional form of art, practised for years in different parts of Odisha. Its' characterization, lining, colour and aesthetic themes makes it unique from other miniature art and painting styles.

Earlier it was done on a cloth canvas to depict only religious and cultural aspects. This art form finds its strong roots in the traditions of Lord Jagannath. Also these paintings have a ritualistic significance tiday. Raghurajpur village on the banks of river Bhargavi is well known for this artistry, along with its neighbours Puri, Dandasahi and Khasposak.

The Pattachitra artists are called ‘Chitrakaars’ (Painters), mainly belonging to the Maharana and Mahapatra castes. This tradition is inherited in the form of a family sketch book, handed down over generations and cherished as a precious sacred possession.